Holistic Life Support

Holistic Life Support

Integrating Mind Body & Spirit for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Coming January 2020

As an allied health partner with your primary care physician, I will be offering 1:1 Holistic Health Practitioner Consultations, including:

  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Custom Wellness Goal Mapping
  • Weekly Follow-Through Support

Consultations can be held onsite in West Michigan or online via Skype.

Your initial appointment will be a free 15-minute patient/practitioner interview in which we will evaluate if we are a good fit for working together. I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to be an active participant in their health progress!

Why work with a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Medical doctors in the US are at the top of their field — but in today’s world, that means surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. Doctors do not receive much education in nutrition (the general public even less), and the average doctor appointment is just eight minutes. For chronic health conditions that require significant lifestyle changes, people simply need more care and attention than that.

That’s where a Holistic Health Practitioner comes in. With a national board-certified in-depth knowledge of nutrition and additional healthy life practices, your HHP is your dedicated partner in self-care, and by guiding as well as leading by example, will show you not only how to live a healthy life you love, but will also serve as living proof that it can be done.

The major diseases that Americans suffer and die from today are preventable with healthy lifestyle habits. While more and more people are becoming aware of the need to change, our current structures and systems are not designed to support healthy living. Health care debates have been raging for years, but the truth is, there is no top-down political answer to the national health crisis. The answer lives within each of us and will manifest as change in the world when we make the needed changes in our own lives.

The road to good health can be challenging, but you do not have to walk it alone. Contact me today to schedule your appointment, or learn more about how your life can change with Holistic Life Support.

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