Keeping your sanity when the world’s gone mad

It’s more important than ever to stay calm and centered, and let the chaos around us not enter us. In this way we can be a beacon of light that dispels the chaos and spreads peace in the world.

Read/Watch the News on a Need to Know Basis

Most of the information from the media is not relevant to your immediate reality — you and your loved ones and your community, and possibility your country. Concern yourself with your immediate reality only. What is going on in other parts of the world may not be true for your reality.

Further, limit your exposure to media to once per day. Do not sit on the phone, computer or in front of the TV all day, because that will quickly lead to a downward spiral. Your mind has great power to create the reality you experience, so make sure you are the one in control of it, and not anyone else — certainly not the media.

Practice Free Thought

Beware mind viruses — when memetics in thought or behavior go viral among humanity. Retain control over your own mind and do not let anything in without examining it.

The first step to solving any problem is to ask the right questions. Ask yourself: can this media/information be trusted? What do they have to gain by me believing their story? Is there another way I can be shown?

Meditation opens doors. Stretch your mind to think and create outside the box.

Use Visualization

Here is the secret to all creativity: imagination is the key to creation. You must believe in its power and ability to have tangible manifestation in your reality.

Every time you see a picture of the virus, visualize it being destroyed – such as dissolved, exploded, or whichever method your like. This is an example of the reclaiming control and power of your mind to work for you, not against you.


This is an ancient term for “I create what I speak.”

Watch your words very closely. Do not parrot the memetics from the media. Ensure that you are only speaking that which you wish to experience. This is the true meaning of creativity. Create your world with your voice. (Now you can see why it’s so important to free your mind and put your imagination to work for you).

Interdependent Community Networks

Humanity is being called to get ultra creative and collaborative to work our way out of this. Many people have lost their jobs and many more could lose their businesses — while governments and big corporations stand. This is a critical time when humanity must rise up to the challenge and create the change this world needs.

This is about so much more than a virus. It’s about the course this world takes. It’s the future of the world that’s at stake, and it’s what we were born for and why we are here at this time. (And also why they are trying to keep people apart with “social distancing”/fear, and forcing them onto their phones/computers, where all their activity and connections can be tracked.

Get Into Nature

Just a walk or run outdoors for an hour does wonders for mental health. It’s especially beneficial for anxiety, which is the body’s fight or flight response being activated — exercise “runs the body”, satisfying that response.

Additionally, being in contact with the Earth through walking barefoot, listening to birds, seeing flowers, trees, and flowing water, feeling the sunshine or rain on your skin, foraging for wild plants (many of which confer immunity enhancing benefits), and meditating in nature is one of the best things you can do. Aim to do it every day. Leave the phone at home.

The world needs you now more than ever.

Be strong. Be true. Be you.

Daisies for courage.

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