Holistic Life Support is a non-profit organization that aims to empower through education. By teaching individuals and communities how to effect wellness through healthy lifestyles — especially bringing awareness to the most fundamental aspects of diet, exercise, and sleep — we support the experience of a better health-related quality of life.

We call it Lifestyle Medicine: the important component that’s been missing from the health care field. Holistic Life Support works in partnership with primary care physicians who prescribe a healthy lifestyle for their patients, yet managing lifestyle is beyond their schedule or scope. Now doctors and patients have a resource to help them achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.

Whether in an individual or group setting, or in an online or in-person format, Holistic Life Support provides evidence-based healthy lifestyle educational materials and toolkits along with patient counseling to make it easy to learn about healthy living and apply it in everyday life. We believe everyone can benefit from Lifestyle Medicine, and we look forward to seeing the profound changes that ripple out into the world as a result.

Meet the Founder

Sarah Denhof created Holistic Life Support as a channel for her passion for healing. As a child she was naturally drawn to the outdoors, playing among trees and eating in the garden. Sarah’s path then took some difficult twists and turns, including health challenges, which after struggling with heavily, she later accepted was to prepare her for a higher calling in life. This calling was to accept and heal herself and then extend this healing knowledge to everyone who might need it. Through her formal training and education at Creative Health Institute and Blue Heron Academy in Michigan, USA, as well as in her daily life experience, Sarah perceived a great need of healing, and learned many practical applications to do so. She especially credits a whole food vegan diet with solving many of her health complaints, such as acne and food addiction, which she suffered from sporadically for twenty years, as well as improving her mental/emotional wellness and spirituality.

In her journey, Sarah came to realize that healing is on every level, not only the physical, and Sarah credits much of her healing to her spiritual connection and support from higher levels, which has been nothing short of epic. As part of her calling, Sarah was inspired to setup Holistic Life Support to teach what she has learned to promote healthy living, fully realizing that good health is the foundation for a good life (a life that feels good on the inside, not just looks good on the outside). By knowing what we need to do to enjoy good health, and practicing it daily, we can free ourselves to live the life of our dreams, which is what Sarah wishes for everyone.