Hi! My name is Sarah, and I am currently studying for my Holistic Health Practitioner I certification at Blue Heron Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been self-studying and experimenting with various alternative health protocols for more than ten years, but I realized I needed to deepen my studies into a formal program to really learn how to take care of myself and others, and by extension, to create a career that will support me by supporting others. After I complete my coursework in December 2019, including labs and case studies, and pass the national board exam through Michigan State University, I will be certified to practice and teach as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

My two main gifts to share with the world are healing and writing, and I am very excited to create a career that combines them, as I know they will build beautifully on each other. And why not start now, at the beginning? I’ve decided I am going to write articles based on my coursework and post them as I go along. This will not only help to reinforce what I’m learning, but it will also allow you to benefit from the information too. You can also read more about my background in holistic health as well as my vision for the future.

We all know the world is changing, and we are being called to step up and change too. My intent is to connect with others who are walking this path of healing, wherever you are at on it. Whether you need free info and inspiration, 1:1 support, or are a holistic health practitioner yourself (or thinking of becoming one). I welcome you to look around, and say Hi if ya like. 🙂

To good health and life,