My Vision for the Future

I don’t spend much time focusing on problems or what needs to be fixed, because that’s all a product of the past. Instead, I am going to talk about the future, what I intend to create with the work I’m doing now, and what we are going to accomplish together.

This work is called Holistic Life Support is because it takes cohesiveness between all parts of ourselves – mind, body, and spirit – to create the changes that are called for in our lives. It’s not just about eating right (body), it’s also about loving yourself (spirit) and building your life (mind). It’s physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and mental wellness. As each of these areas improves, so will the others.

“Holistic” refers to whole systems in general, meaning, to work with the body as a whole instead of its isolated parts, and to understand how the body systems are all connected with each other, and to support the body with whole foods. It’s about everything working together. Each piece of the puzzle makes up the big picture.

And to extrapolate from there, “holistic” is understanding ourselves as part of our community and the world, and how our actions ripple out to affect the rest.

With this view, I envision a world of collaboration, not competition. A society not based on taking from someone else to gain for yourself. A system that doesn’t require struggle for survival, but hums along with the thriving of life. Just as the cells of the body each have their own unique and necessary functions, but ultimately are all working together cohesively for the healthy functioning of the body, so too are each and every one of us like cells that make up the body of humanity on this planet.

And since I believe that life is naturally oriented to being healthy, I dream of a world in which we don’t have to work so damn hard for health. It is simply who we really are, though it gets muddied up in these current non-holistic systems to the disastrous effects we are seeing today.

I remember a few years ago I observed a field trip group of young students touring a town, they were maybe kindergarten age or so. They had so much energy, as they walked around they were also skipping, jumping, laughing, shrieking, and interacting with each other. They looked perfectly alive.

Then a little later in the day I observed a field group trip of older students – high school age. They were silent as they sullenly trudged along. No one was smiling or interacting with each other. It was distressing to see the difference.

What was going on with these kids? It was clear to me that the systems they were in had failed them.

Education systems, food systems, family systems, government systems. How do they work within themselves and with each other? Are they setup to support health and happiness? After observing the way those kids had been negatively transformed after being in those systems long enough (yet before their lives had even really started), the answer was clear to me: they needed much better systems.

It takes a village to raise a child

This isn’t just an old folk saying we use to ask for help when we realize we are overburdened with the responsibilities of raising children 24/7 in a changing world, as well as working full-time, maintaining a well-kept house and lawn, and growing a garden and making all our food from scratch. Even with a partner, parents today are overwhelmed by the stress of it all – which then impresses negatively on the child. The one thing that as parents we don’t want to do, turns out to be exactly what happens. We don’t want to mess up our kids. So why are so many people messed up by the time they become adults?

“A husband, a wife and some kids is not a family. It’s a terribly vulnerable survival unit.”

Kurt Vonnegut

We aren’t meant to do it all on our own, and we really don’t have to. It literally does take a village, and I see upcoming changes in our social structures reflecting that, as we shift away from isolated single family units and into another form of holism: cooperative housing systems where responsibilities are shared and balanced, and the individual load becomes significantly lightened. Parents may not have to work so many hours, and they may be free to find or create work that is more meaningful to them, without the immediate pressing financial constraints of supporting an entire household by themselves.

Children will have access to many other children as well as safe adults and elders within a cooperative model – while their parents will always be their parents, children will be socialized in living situations with people of all ages, who they will come to regard as trusted members of their extended family network. In this way, there will always be someone available they can turn to, and they will not be enclosed within one isolated dynamic for years of negative imprinting, as has happened all too often in single family homes, no matter how perfect the family picture that is presented to the public. If we are being honest with ourselves, the “happy family” very often is dysfunctional and even abusive behind closed doors, which is so sadly damaging to the children and future.

Within a cooperative housing system, healthy and happy functioning is the highest priority, because that’s the only way it can continue. It is a macrocosm of a healthy body, with everyone fitted into a role in which they thrive, which in turn creates a thriving whole.

People living within a cooperative housing model will also work together to grow a garden and cook large meals (and happy memories) shared by all. Within single family homes, there may not be the space to create a garden – and there almost never is enough time. But if you are living in a housing cooperative with many others, which includes space for a big garden and kitchen, it’s very manageable for everyone to put in 1-2 hours a week in order to create abundance for all. And this is real food, whole food, nourishing food. This is the food that creates and sustains health. These are the conditions for happiness.

In a way, it is a return to tribal days, but with modern ways. We like indoor plumbing, Internet and other useful technologies. But we also value connection with and support for each other, which has gone by the wayside in the modern world. Most importantly, we will see, understand, and value children as the future itself, and with respect for the magnificent power we have with the future in our hands, we will rise to meet the imperative need to give our children the best support possible, which is also how we will continue our own selves into the future (through reincarnation, which will also eventually be accepted as truth by everyone as we make our way through our spiritual awakening).

But we’re not there yet

Throughout the ages, life has been centered around money for the vast majority of people, rich or poor. By “rich”, I am referring to people for whom money is a game — anyone who is a multi-millionaire or billionaire. By “poor”, I am referring to the masses of people for whom money is a stressor — people whose lives are structured around paying bills, taking a vacation or two a year, and saving for retirement. Either way, everyone has been focused on money and generating more of it, every day. And the rich have set the system up so that the the poor generally stay poor and are only making the rich even richer, every day.

Happily, if messily at times, that’s all falling apart now. As we undergo our mass spiritual awakening, we are shifting away from money as the center of life and greed as the driver of human behavior. Love is now taking its rightful place at the center of our lives, as we realize that it was not money but love that was the source of happiness. By “love”, I am not referring to sexual relationships, but something much deeper — the universal love that is the light of our being — who we really are.

The shift is calling us to just BE.

I know, this might sound like some fantasy utopia, or maybe even a cult. It might be hard to imagine right now, but it’s already started, and in a few hundred years, this is (basically) what the world will look like. We are all awakening at different rates — some are already living this way now. If you are thinking there’s no way you could, then that’s just where you are at in your personal evolutionary process, and you just have to keep going til you get to that point.

And how do we all get to that point? How do we stop this train from driving off the cliff — the poor masses dropping dead from junk food addiction and degenerative disease? How do we take back our planet from the ravages of pollution and developmental destruction?

Because that is primarily who I am working for — I know the rich are focused on trying to colonize the moon or Mars or something, and I give them my genuine blessing. I hope it works out — I think those landscapes are a much better match for them than the lush green and blue flowing life on this gem of a planet. “The meek will inherit the Earth”, right? I can’t wait. 🙂

In addition to the realization that money is a false purpose in life, and that falling away, another part of spiritual awakening is reconnecting to our soul group. Those are the people who we are going to be living in community with. We will not be living in close quarters with our karmic (birth) families — of course that would drive us crazy, just as it always has. But your soul family will light you up! The light of your own soul will be magnified in your soul family (or soul group) and Earth will be alive with these communities of light.

That’s where the first wave of awakening souls, which I am a part of, is moving now, which is putting us in place to guide the masses. That is the dream we have all shared and are working toward, and that’s why, no matter where you are now in your awakening process, when you work with me we’re going to start with your dreams. That’s where the motivation to be healthy is. You want to be able to live your dreams — and you have to be healthy in order to do that.

At one point in life, we all were those playful, exuberant kindergarten kids. Then slowly over the years, we began to trade life for existence as we traded our dreams for being told what to do. And we ate junk food to feel better about it. We gave junk food to our kids too, not realizing we were destroying our selves, our future and our dreams. And now it seems junk food is everywhere and all there is.

So we’re going to go back to our dreams, to revive them — along with who we were as the children who dreamed them. We are going to dream this new world into existence.


When I was a child, I knew I was part of a generation that was going to change the world, and I saw how quickly the world was changing. My brother and I received a computer for Christmas in 1995, when I was ten years old. I enjoyed playing builder games, like Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon. I also discovered the thrill of Microsoft Word: I was a writer.

Over the next few years, I wrote all kinds of things – short stories, family newsletters, papers for school. But I became swallowed up by dysfunctional systems too – I recognized myself in those miserable high school students I saw on that field trip. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-late twenties that I began writing my dreams again, in a necessary pursuit to find what had been missing from my life: Me.

So I’m not going to tell you what to do, because I know that isn’t really serving you. Instead, I’m going to help you remember your dreams. I’m going to uphold the highest vision of yourself and mirror it back to you. I’m going to teach you how to see, listen to, and fully accept your Soul.

Eating junk food is the ego’s attempt to fill a void that has been left by the absence of the soul. Your soul is the source of love in this world, and that love is what creates happiness. It doesn’t come from anything “out there”, it can only come from within. But without that source of love and happiness, we have been turning to illusory pleasures such as junk food to feel good again – but this feeling good is not real, it is temporary and comes with a heavy cost, even if it is cheap and convenient to fill the belly and satisfy the cravings and easy since it’s everywhere and culturally the norm. But the unreal foods only take us even further from ourselves and into destruction.

Throughout my experience since my own awakening, people have told me that knowing me has changed them. This is what they are talking about – I have helped them find themselves – their soul.

And that’s what I intend to do with you.

Sure, I can design a diet customized to meet your specific nutritional needs. I can show you how to make healthy, delicious foods that are best for your body. I can recommend all kinds of fun activities based on your interests and level of fitness. I can tell you which herbs can help you create a specific health outcome. I can do my best to answer whatever questions you may have. I can help connect you to others who will help to expand your experience.

In other words, I can help you transition from wherever you are now to where you need to be.

I can do all these things for you, because this is also what I do for myself. My cup is overflowing! I delight in health and happiness, both in myself and when it’s mirrored back to me in a world that works together. It’s my favorite form of magic!

My work is to go directly to the center of your being, where the real change in your life comes from – inside of you. I am simply going to help you access that deep part of yourself where all your dreams, soul and talents are buried – and help you bring them back to life again.

So that eventually you will be able to move on from me, in good health and happiness, and go on to live the life of your dreams.