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Do you know the way Viagra came about? Pharmaceutical researchers were testing a drug that would open the clogged arteries of cardiovascular disease patients, and unexpectedly, erections were a side effect. Opening the clogged arteries restored blood flow throughout the body, which allowed the male member to engorge with blood – aka, an erection.

Thus, the link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease was found. This was unintentionally one of the most lucrative discoveries ever made, because it allowed unhealthy men to experience an erection just by taking a pill. However, it did not solve the actual cause of the problem, which is why the effects were only temporary and a pill had to be taken for every event. The arteries were still clogged; the drug just dilated them so that blood had more room to move through them again.

This is why men who are prescribed Viagra are also considered to be at risk for having a heart attack within five to ten years. It’s is a dangerous place to be, and a warning sign to make significant lifestyle changes now.

Fortunately, there is a way to make those changes to reverse cardiovascular disease and restore natural erectile function, starting today.

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Reverses Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn is a researcher who saw similar results as the Viagra researchers when his heart disease patients proudly announced one morning that they were able to “raise the flag” again. Only he wasn’t testing a drug — he was testing a diet.

This was not the temporary effect of a pill, rather, his patients’ arteries were actually unclogging due to the change in their diet. What was the change? A whole foods, plant-based diet — specifically, a diet low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fats –- which are mostly found in animal products (meat and dairy) and highly processed packaged and fast foods. Ironically, the foods that are considered “manly” in pop culture — steak and beer — are some of the foods that make erectile dysfunction and heart disease even worse.

By removing those foods from the diet and replacing them with high-fiber whole plant foods, not only did these men successfully reverse their cardiovascular disease, they happily rediscovered one of their favorite pleasures in life again.

Here is a clip of their stories in their own words:

Of course, results are not immediate — it takes consistent action applied over a longer period of time (at least several months), however, they are permanent (or as long as the healthy diet/lifestyle is maintained).

Another important consideration: ED can be a side effect of medications for diabetes and hypertension — and because a Whole Food Plant-Based diet can improve those conditions as well, the need for those medications and their side effects may be reduced.

This discovery of the healing power of diet is tremendous! It should give great encouragement and hope to all men (and their partners) who are looking to revive their youthful spark.